Hotel and Resort Behavior Analytics

Drive property efficiency and guest experience with Edifice.

Edifice provides staff with real-time notifications and behavioral data to anticipate guest needs and improve response time.

Lean Staff Superpowers

Mitigate staff shortage while maintaining margins and guest satisfaction with real-time Edifice notifications.

Increase Revenue

Concentrate staff and pop-up experiences where guests spend the most time.

Data-Driven CapEx

Plan the next renovation for optimal staffing and revenue using behavioral data instead of guessing.

Drive NOI and

Optimize staff to be in the right place at the right time based on behavior data. Aggregate insights help save on everyday expenses and reduce unexpected food and FF&E costs.

Peak performance
from all employees

Get more out of your existing team instead of searching for more people to manage. Make everyone an ace that's always in the right place.

Simple installation,
large area coverage

The Edifice sensor securely captures anonymous behavior data over large areas. Simply mount the sensor on the ceiling to learn how occupants behave to supercharge your property operating intelligence. No more guessing.

Edifice has you covered

  • Affordable

Edifice doesn’t require running cables everywhere and covers a large area meaning extremely low installation costs.

  • Flexible

Keep visitors engaged with a fully-responsive and dynamic landing page that bespeaks quality.

  • Easy to Install

Any staff member can install and configure our device in minutes using an iOS or Android mobile app. We take care of the rest.

  • Simple

Edifice uses text messaging for clear and concise notifications. Get the most out of your property staff.

  • Supported

Cloud-based and updated remotely to quickly resolve issues that may arise. Edifice welcomes feedback for continual product improvement.

  • Scalable

Deploy across your entire portfolio to maximize NOI and CapEx. Edifice is a cloud-based end-to-end solution.

Human behavior analytics

Want to exceed property projections? Edifice uncovers additional savings and revenue in every part of your property and coordinates your team to exceed budgeted projections.

    Partner with Us

    Have special requirements? Our flexible software and API’s allow integration into your vendor platforms.

    Technical Support

    Have technical questions? Speak with a technician to answer specific questions you have.