Drive NOI and CapEx with Human Behavior Analytics

Learn more behavior analytics for hospitality and multifamily

Give your staff superpowers

Get more out of your existing team instead of hiring more people to manage. Automatically alert staff of specific occupant behaviors to direct them to the right place at the right time.

Behavior based operations

Use real-time notification to address issues before they become costly and time-consuming problems. Stop wasting time looking through hours of security footage.


Human Behavior Analytics ROI

Leverage aggregate insights for a deeper understanding of resident and guest behavior to improve marketing, lease-up, maintenance and amenity design to drive CapEx and NOI.

Lean Staffing Superpowers
Reduce staffing requirements with behavior-based operation schedules.

Increase + Find New Revenue Streams
Understand behaviors that correlate with increased revenue.

Data-Driven Development + Renovations
Drive CapEx by knowing how guests and residents behave in your spaces.

Targeted Marketing
Make your messaging resonate with your target market by understanding their behaviors in your property.

Faster Lease-Up
Understand behaviors on walk-throughs that convert to signed leases for a more efficient sales process.

Data Integration
Integrate behavioral data with other vendor platforms to see all insights in one place while optimizing other systems like energy efficiency.

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360 Insights

The Edifice sensor securely captures anonymous behavioral data over large areas. Simply mount the sensor on the ceiling to learn how the building is actually used, so you can supercharge your property operating intelligence.