Optimize staff to be in the right place at the right time

Edifice is a behavior analytics platform for hotel owners and operators to optimize staffing requirements while improving guest experience and space layout.

Anticipate guest needs and improve response time with real time notifications and behavior analytics.

Staff Superpowers

Mitigate staff shortages while maintaining margins and guest satisfaction. Make every staff an ace always in the right place.

Increase Revenue

Optimize staff hours and pop-up experiences to guest behaviors at specific times and property amenities. Ensure the maximum revenue per staff member.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI on refreshes and property capital expenditures using granular data insights tailored for your property.

Increase bottom line revenue $1-$4 / key / day

Optimize staff schedules based on behavior data in your property. Aggregate insights help save on inventory and reduce unexpected FF&E costs.

Make every staff an ace
in the right place

Make it easy for existing and new staff members to deliver great experiences consistently. Real-time notifications are tailored to property operating standards.

Place a GM in every space 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of a staff member

The Edifice sensor securely captures anonymous behavior data over large areas to increase intelligent owner and operator decision making.

Edifice has you covered

  • Affordable

Have a GM in every space for a fraction of the cost of one staff member.

  • Flexible

No space is too complex to extract insights valuable to you.

  • Easy to Install

Any staff member can install and onboard a sensor in minutes.

  • Simple

Edifice delivers clear and concise staff notifications and reporting.

  • Supported

No training or maintenance is required. The cloud-based system is remotely monitored and updated fast.

  • Scalable

Receive invaluable insights across your property or portfolio.

Human behavior analytics

Want to exceed property projections? Edifice uncovers additional savings and revenue in every part of your property and coordinates your team to exceed budgeted projections.

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